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You've got a PM. Do you have pictures you can share? Thx, RC
PM sent. Thx, Roy
Gary, I've been MIA from AVS for some time now but came back looking for "inspiration" for my little HT and saw your thread. Beautiful to say the least! The funny part is that you are looking at material I bought a while back to cover the front wall of a previous HT of mine I built when we lived in Central FL. We now live in MD and guess what? I have a small amount of leftover material that you are welcome to have/try/etc. It should be enough to test/try over a...
Does anyone have a quick answer for Waldorf below? I'm on the same boat... TIA,
Jeff, thanks, I completely missed that!! I spent most of the day building my riser; I'm exhausted!!! Hey, know anyone who might want a single chair to add to a row of 7563's?? Thanks again,
Serge and others, can someone please provide measurements for 2-7563 chairs??? I ordered and received 2 rows of 3 but might have to sacrifice one of the chairs to end up with a row of 3 and one of 2. Anyone?? I was thinking of making one of 4 and one of 2 but can't fit them in... :confused: Oh well!!!!!! TIA,
Gents, my chairs were delivered this afternoon and as far as I can tell, everything is in order. The boxes are HEAVY!! I've not even had a chance to inspect them as I am going to have to wait until the coming weekend to unpack them. I must say that the service and delivery processes far exceeded my expectations. Thanks all!!
Has anyone received their chairs yet?? Mine are on the DHL truck to be delivered this coming Tuesday! We'll see how it goes.... Later,
Chinadog, I thought they were comparing the Studio chairs with the Academy, not the Showtime...... If you look closely the Academy is not similar to the Studio either, especially the front/leg area.... I am so confused!!:rolleyes: I ordered the Studio just in case anybody cares...:D
I did the same as well. Their prices are really too good to be true, but hey, that's what plastic is all about!!! I'm actually pretty confident that they will come through as they have for so many others in the past. I will give them props (or not!) as soon as the whole experience/transaction is completed. L8r,
New Posts  All Forums: