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Jim, Something must have pushed out the change recently, the guide data for the new channel appeared yesterday. Thanks!
So who do I need to contact, Tribune or Sinclair about them not pushing the new channel data to the guide info? This is horking my DVR up since it doesn't recognize the new channel. No, this isn't a scan problem, I can watch it just fine in real time.
I'd measure how big of an antenna your attic can hold and buy the largest UHF/VHF combo Yagi you can fit in there. Depending on the space in the attic you might be able to mount it on a rotor and pick up Quad Cities or Ottumwa. Without a rotor, you should pick up KFXA and all the rest by pointing it a little west of Walker (298 degrees).
Just noticed my guide info for 2.2 CoolTV now says SIGN OFF for all time slots. They should at least put up a Chyron saying what the status is.
Someone else suggested that the poor lighting might be a requirement to prevent glare on the giant Telestrainer. It makes sense that if you light the anchors faces, that light is going to reflect off the display behind them. Tricky, tricky. Chromakey might have had more benefits.
FWIW, the last rumor I heard was that they are planning on launching the HD newscast this month. Of course that was what was the news in August, so that might have changed. It seems that it isn't just a studio camera upgrade, it's everything that goes on air that will be getting updated. (ENG, set, Control Room, etc.) Has the TX power boost gone into effect yet?
Regarding the locals going to HD for newscasts, even though KCRG is a privately owned company, they have been putting the infrastructure in place for many months to start broadcasting news in HD. The last target date I heard about was sometime in January 2012. From rumors I've heard, this is a full upgrade, not just a studio camera update. If it pans out, I think the ENG, studio and control room will be all updated to HD equipment.
Bierboy is right, first check the old antenna and find out what type it is. If it is a dual element UHF/VHF antenna, is it only connected to the VHF side? Is the antenna pointed the right direction toward Orion? Depending on where her house is, I'd suggest going to TVFool.com and checking for signal strength and direction help. Is the cable going to the antenna old flat twin lead? Many times those get brittle and crack. You also might have problems with one of two similar...
Thanks everyone for the XX.99 updates. I've wanted to know because out of the CECB set top boxes I have, and my lone DTV, none of them will tune in the IRIS audio channel. And yes, I am more interested in set top boxes since that would mean you could have one hooked up to a preamp through the audio RCA jacks and use it like a radio, without having to power a display just to hear the content. I don't think anyone here was knocking people who are visually impaired. On...
Thanks! That makes two CECB's that can pick it up, yours and the Digital Stream DTX9950. The people who read the articles are volunteers from all over the state.
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