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Don't recall the button but you can do it from the front panel (not the remote). See the manual.
I came from an Anthem D2 also. No more HDMI problems!! No need to hear people telling me to use component instead of HDMI!!!
Yes, it supports return audio from display. I haven't tried it but should work.
It does for my TiVo.
Yes, the quietness of the projector is a huge asset. It makes having good amps, processors, and speakers even more valuable since you enjoy their great sound much more when not masked by fan noise.
I went from an old Marantz VP-12S3 720p projector. Going to the Sony made a huge difference in terms of resolution, the Sony's virtually inaudible fan, much higher brightness, and the occasional 3D was a bonus.
The PS3 glasses work fine for me even with the internal emitter.
The RS232 main zone on command works too. IMO a firmware fix is needed for the IR on command.
I and others have posted earlier indicating that we use Monoprice Redmere and have had no problems.
Hardly any Blu-Rays use 96KHz - according to http://www.blu-raystats.com/Stats/Stats.php less than 3 dozen Blu-Rays use 96KHz (almost all of the
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