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hey guys, is it yet possible to get this stuff to work (dvd upscaling) within WMP12x64 or WMC7x64 or are we still restricted to 3rd party media players?
jreese thanks for the followup... before I saw your post, I reran eac3to on the master-dts, this time i foced the -core extraction eac3to.exe ... ... .. ... ... "...\\audio.dts -core" this gave me a dts file that seems to play fine, i have encountered some slowdowns in real life, but i'll let you know how the mkv turns out after i get some time to remux... i think it was just eac3to not fully reading/extracting the core dts from the master, because it was doing it...
Hey not a noob but having trouble.. I extracted the core dts audio from a bd movie's master dts track, eac3to didn't report any delay in log but after remuxing I'm getting a 2-4 second delay... Not sure what's going on, maybe eac3 can't read the master dts file well enough to discern the delay?? My system is not underpowered foe playback... WTF do I do lol?!
keep it comming guys
No Problem, but still curious about the amount of quality lost in compression, and the ability to cut up a tv show into mkv..
Thanks Zagor, that really clears things up for me. What would be a good program to use then, to convert say my DVD backup of West Wing Season1 Disk1 to a single MKV file (with chapters for each episode) ??
so then mkv would be useful for SD-DVD TV shows, so you can chapter the shows. hmmm that sounds like a PITA
Okay but how do I shrink a 7.5gb ts folder of West Wing Disk 1A while maintaining a decent quality?? I want to store lots of DVDs, is h264 not useful here? Will DD/DTS go into h264 or will I lose that? So is MKV only for bd/hddvd? Why are people sharing video in mkv online, rather than in .avi (x264), if it doesn't offer any benefits? Does ripping direct to x264 avi result in a loss of audio quality and therefore the mkv is necessary to keep the audio quality? Thanks
Question guys, can't find my answer anywhere. I've read up on ripping BD/HDDVD... you extract the audio and video files, convert to respective formats, then combine into an MKV. Is this the preferred method for ONLY HD-format, or should I be trying to rip my SD-DVDs this way too? If not, what is the best (best quality) format (video/audio) for ripping standard DVD movies? Does this support menu use, or is that limited to DVD-iso? What's the preferred method...
any idea if circuit city will get these? i holding off on the hln507 for the 467 also, could anyone tell me the difference between the hlnXX65 and the hlnXX7 series? thanks :)
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