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I usually agree with the review and associate ratings for video and sound...I do not in this case. Video perhaps (I would have liked a 2:4 AR). Audio, no way it deserves a 5. I would have scored it as a 4. Nothing compelling/memorable about it. It was just adequate in my opinion.
I also own a SONY BDP-S550 Bluray player (plays 2D only) and had exactly the same issues on the 2D disc. It took three efforts to load it and beginning with the scene where the female scientist gets a scan, I got severe Macro blocking.Had to reload and jump back to scene to clear it. It worked fine afterwards.
How long is the break in period?
You are a joke!!!
Both video and audio should be close to reference quality. Both are fairly low in this review. I would give mid 90s for both.
I am very satisifed with my dual 15Hs. Can someone comment on whether we should expect an improvement after break in? How many hours of play would that be?
Thanks guys....I did forget to mention I have approximately $5000 worth of Acoustic Science room treatment products...
Ok, this is it guys, I can not squeeze any more out of it, given the middle of the room LP constraint. +/- 2.5 db across the entire FR, I will take it!! Lenghts of subs increased from 10.8 feet (both) to 11.2 feet (both). Any additional increases in lenght started causing a significant drop in frequencies higher that 80 Hz.Blue curve is pre Audyssey, green is post. Darn shame that the Eqing causes a lot of bass extension to go bye bye.
OK, I am game....I will give it a shot. Do I increase both subs' distances? By how much percentage wise?
Yes, that is post Audyssey. Door closed, forget the heavy black drap, wife will divorce me before that happens. I tried the door open but gave me a small extension below 20 hz, barely measurable.
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