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i can't get it to work either, did you ever find out what happened, i am also on a sharp led television the 80 inch one.
the room is also my server closet and there are already fans in there, but i'm trying to quiet that room down in the future, so i'm saving this in evernote so that I can change that out.currently i have 3 switches in there - 24 port gig switches and the fans on those things are loud., but i don't want to have to replace them all.. too expensive right now..my problem was in my new house, I was doing a massive remodel and while the walls were down I put cat 6 everywhere,...
exactly like that diagram is how i run them 3 per side in stereo exactly.thanks for that link.I ordered a inuke dsp 3000 . hopefully I can get it hooked up this weekend.
I was doing well with 6 off of a ep4000, I found some threads about what jumpers to set and it worked quite well, not overwhelming but quite good, some movies that I didn't even like were great with the ep4000 and the buttkickers.
i like the inuke 3000, but I don't know if I can push all 6 buttkickers with that. How many do you have? Do you have them all wired in series?
I posted a similar question in the subwoofer forum without any luck, so I'm trying over here. I currently have 6 buttkickers in my media room. 3 are in the series and the other 3 are in series and then I hooked the 2 sets together in parellel. I had a behringer ep4000 amp for the last 2 years, but it has now failed. I am wanting to replace it, but I'm wondering if I should be buying 2 different amps, or changing how I have them wired etc. any ideas?
Is this more a question for the amplifier forum? No replies in a day make me think I'm asking the wrong questions in the wrong place.
I currently have 6 buttkickers lfe's hooked up. 3 are in series and the other 3 are in series and then the 2 groups are in parallel running off of a behringer ep4000 amp, which was working fine until recently and now no longer will power up. It's 2 years old, so I guess I either burned it up or it's out, or I did something wrong. Would my best option be to 1. replace the behringer amp, pretty easy to get one of them shipped? 2. buy the buttkicker bk1000 amp, although...
but at 4500 us for 4x8, not really in the affordable range for many of us.
so it's 23,000 dollars for programming? wow that seems like a lot.
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