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I'll chime in here.. The single SSID is pretty nice, you never will have to switch over manually. As long as they both have the same password and SSID, it's just automatic. I have it with 3 Verizon FiOS routers connected all with MoCA. Make sure you have "avoid poor connections" checked in Android's WiFi settings (if you have an Android device).
Wow, thank you very much. I haven't been in the forums lately and just saw this.
This... Times 1 million.Worst Superbowl ads ever.Must be an epic fail of all epic fails. Hard game to watch, the advertisements are waning each year. Might as well be watching a bunch of cars turning left for 180-250 laps.Bruno Mars? Wtf were they thinking.I'm glad I enjoyed the food I cooked for this game. It was the most enjoyable thing of the night.
One of the developers at Team Eureka happened to stumble upon it. What I have found out is that HEC (HDMI Ethernet Channel) is a separate protocol and requires the use of a special chip to translate RJ45 to HEC.
ChromeCast can, and a developer and I are searching for the solution.Any idea where I could find this unit?
Anyone know how to do this? I'm adventurous and would not be afraid of soldering wires together.
Any recent luck on getting the hdhrprime to stream on Plex?
Check your PM. I am trying to get rid of mine.
No, I was commenting in that iTunes thread..
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