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There were h.265 demos last year at NAB as well as CESI'm not sure how it's assumed current UHD displays would have h.265 decoding. Aside from OTA, decoding is usually done by an external device. ATSC 3.0 is still in an experimental stage. Hardware decoding allows inexpensive outboard devices. HEVC should be in mobile devices before too long. When the next step of encoding is standardized upgrading may be simpler than it is now.
Sorry to repeat this question, but I think this is the new Aereo thread. How much alteration of the signal becomes an illegal sharing situation? Sharing an antenna feed appears to be OK. I know cable and RF frequencies are different on channels other than 1-6 & 7-13, and cable uses QAM instead of 8VSB, but hypothetically if a cable company were to simply pass OTA signals as is without processing or channel change, would that avoid retrans fees? Going down from there, what...
Nothing new about news. Zappa had it pinned in 1966 with "Trouble Every Day".
Perhaps not much when using hardware decoding.
I think that would be very content dependent. With material that takes advantage of deeper colors (like they love to show at trade shows) the difference would be more noticeable than preservation of finer details. On typical video a wider gamut would probably not be that perceptible.
Could they convert MPEG2 to DCT and then to h.264 or HEVC to avoid calling it video? I suppose for audio they could bridge the AC3. Is DCT legally considered video? I guess it depends on what the meaning of "is" is. I suspect that wouldn't hold because other forms of re-encoding have been found illegal for unauthorized distribution.
That would bad for ESPN, but not necessarily for Comcast. I was thinking in terms of lost service provider TV subs who might go a la carte via steaming vs possible increased revenue from data. I also said that the program providers, such as Disney, would not likely offer such channels a la carte, in major part for losing value. Program providers are the ones promoting bundling.There are so many future variables, not the least of which is where the breaking point from...
Comcast is the one with a stake in both sides. Right now they have to play nice as possible while they attempt the TWC merger, but after that how will they behave? Would they offer their channels direct, but then play hardball with others doing the same? If they did get TWC, would they just bypass other providers with direct subscription to their sports channels?How exactly would direct on-line subscriptions affect cable companies? Sure they would lose some subs, but...
So I assume you've actually seen Dolby Vision.
While 4K from Netflix and others are another step forward, let's not forget the true barometer of video technical advancement: 4K adult entertainment is now available for streaming No word on whether the the audio is in 5.1, and if it is whether it supplies a good lower end - with the Lfe channel of course.
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