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OK wwyjoe, my initial impressions have just been posted on the main AE900 thread. In a nutshell, the contrast is just right IMHO using this screen (i have the 100" electrolux version). I tested some dark scenes from the Matrix Reloaded and MIB II...both were superb! While watching sports on Comcast DVR, I am having to make adjustments to compensate for overall yellowing of the image (particularly noticible in the faces of fans in the stadium shots). The picture also...
Well, I just received my AE900 and set it up. It is replacing an Infocus Screenplay 110 (similar to the 4805) and projects onto a 100" Stewart Firehawk screen. I have it mounted on the ceiling (~7.5 ft from floor) about 17' from the screen. First impressions are that it is easy to get up and running. I LOVE the lens shift adjust feature. Menu is fairly straight forward as is the remote. Now to the picture (I am using component cables about 20' long): Overall, this unit...
I have a Firehawk screen as well and am expecting delivery of my AE900 today. I'll let you know how it turns out overall. Is there a specific characteristic you are wondering about? It's been said that one of the things you need to consider is where the PJ will be mounted. The Z4 has a greater lens shift range than the 900. For me this likely won't be too much an issue since my PJ is aligned with the top of my screen. My seating is rather close to the screen and the review...
Black would have been better. Maybe they want it to disappear into the ceiling background?
My 900 is arriving tomorrow so I have some concern over what your experiencing Scrawner. It may very well be interference. I was wondering whether you tried plugging the PJ into another outlet or are running it through a power conditioner. Also, have you tried taking the cable box (and cable, both physically disconnected) out of the loop and tested just with a DVD? I've had some nasty interference before that tracked back to my Comcast cable. Anyways, as soon as my unit...
Well, the wifey says she doesn't want to wait and be "projectorless" (God love her) though the holidays so I had to order something quick. Went ahead and ordered the Panny AE900. I know, LCD, but from what I have read it puts out a nice picture. It should be here tomorrow. I'll post in my review in the 900 thread.
I see Optoma will be at the EHX consumer electronics show (booth #384) in Anaheim in early Nov (9th-11th). Hopefully some of you SoCal members can visit and dig away some more info from them about the new H72 for us.
Thanks for the review. I was wondering how these compare on SD material. Not that I view too much of it, but occasionally there is no choice. Anyone? I guess I'm asking which sucks less in this regard.
I think I'll stick with DLP. It appears the prices of these things keep dropping. I have decided to wait a few months and pick up an Optoma H78DC3. It seems like an excellent PJ for the money, and will likely fall into my price range as they clear out for the new 1080-based units coming soon. I don't mind being without a PJ for awhile. By next year there may be other choices as well. One thing I know is that I'll never own another Infocus product.
Thanks for the suggestions gwlaw99. To decide amongst them, it looks like I'll have to do some research on whether the DLP vs. LCD comparison has changed over the years. Any insights?
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