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The poster shows dots over Green Bay and Traverse City. http://www.satelliteguys.us/attachme...6&d=1199723496
Dish Network's booth at CES has a poster announcing 100 local HD markets in 2008. Traverse City is one of the markets.
Is anyone else having problems with the HD feeds of WPBN and WWTV on Charter? They've both been an unwatchable mess on my Motorola box, and not coming in at all on my father's Cable Card at his house since Tuesday. The subchannels of WPBN are both messed up too. Not that they were much to look at before.
We're supposedly a week away from new channels on Charter (Fox Business SD, A&E HD, etc.). Has anyone seen a press release or listing of channel numbers?
I have a friend that did the same thing, called Charter to complain and got his rate locked for the next year, and an additional $10 off a month.
I received a letter from Charter today saying they're raising rates on the HD package. I think they could keep rates the same if they stopped wasting money on postage to mail me Charter Telephone offers every three days.
Charter is adding at least 4 new channels in December. Fox Business (SD), VS HD, The Golf Channel HD, and History Channel HD according to today's Record Eagle.
I thought the vouchers were going to be applicable to any ATSC receiver. That stinks.
Haven't really noticed the flicker much, but the channel has been unwatchable at times due to breakups on my Motorola box. last night was one of those times. My dad has a Cable Card and had no problems at all with it.
I've noticed it off and on like that for the last week or so. Not your setup, I've seen people complaining about it on the Grand Rapids threads here too.
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