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On Monday when I first noticed it was up, it had channel id and guide info. Since that moment everything has been blank.
Is that giant blue 'FOX' logo from the network or from WFQX?
ABC is up on channel 788. SD stuff isn't stretched so far.
Does anyone know if the holdup with ABC HD coming to Charter is technical or legal?
The new guide seems a little faster then the old one.
I haven't been home to check yet, is ABC HD on Charter or just OTA?
Fox looks great so far.
That's good news. I don't see it yet on Charter in TC, but if it's up by the Tiger game tonight I'm going to be very happy.
According to the Wikipedia entry for CW Network affiliates, WGTU is going to be broadcasting the CW channel (WBVC) on 31.2. Hopefully with ABC sending 720p, the bandwidth hit won't be too terrible.
At least you don't have to pay Charter $299 for the honor of leasing it for $14.99 a month!
New Posts  All Forums: