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Sometime during summer break!!!!!! June is awesome in KC.
I'll be far to hammered for them to let me in the theater by the time evening rolls around. Oh yeah, I'm in 100%.
Far better than Quebec, the audio is A++. The video quality is top notch too and you're really going to love it if you have 2:35:1 screen.
Thanks for your advice, I think I'm gonna take it. Plus I really like how they look stacked from floor to ceiling. http://www.avsforum.com/t/1523780/flatpacks-for-a-tall-small-footprint-18-ported-sub/90#post_24585556
Thanks for the info Rilla, didn't know that HPF's mess with phase - but I'm seeing first hand that it's true. Damn, back to the drawing board.I talked to Brandon tonight and he said to stop chasing the unicorn of trying to get perfect bass at all seating positions, put my 8 subs back up front (4 stacked in each corner) and let 'em rip. I think he is right....the whole reason I'm looking for more output is that I lost a ton of headroom spreading the subs around the room. ...
^ Now you're talkin'!!
Hahaha, you read my mind I've been thinking about that this morning.
So far it's not looking too good. Everything is fine and all subs give more gain until I put a high pass filter on the caps and then all hell breaks loose with the freq response and we are talking way above the hp, I don't get it. It affects frequencies up to 60 hz when I try a hp. I tried all possible slopes, different frequencies for the hp and different distance settings for the caps and same thing, a hp completely messes up the response. I thought it would be the...
Archaea's ported Caps are in the house, hopefully I'l get some time to experiment today.
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