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I found a local friend and avs member to build me 2 of these bad boys - John's design. I'm really pumped about this! Timeline is early summer, so I have some time to figure things out. 2 issues I need to figure out first. First, will ported subs integrate with my 8 sealed subs. To figure this out I'm going to borrow 2 JTR Captivators from Archaea and put them in the front corners where the new ported subs will be and play witht the minidsp and omnimic. ...
If it were during summer break you wouldn't have to look up flights - I'd be there!Those are the best kind, the thrown together last minute type of thing.
Haha, right back at you!I talked to Austin last night, have fun at your GTG - wish I could be there!!
I have 8 and looking to get 4 more, another member has 16 and looking to go 32. It's a sickness.
I'm in Kansas City. The thing is Gorilla83 can do the build on his new cnc machine but I don't want him to unless it's done on a larger scale for other guys too so that it would be more worth his time. If he's going to mess with a specialty type sub he should spend the time working on his own builds since I know he is wanting to do that.My thought was that there would be others with limited floor space both width and depth but not limited in height and so maybe there...
A couple of shameless bumps over the next week or so and if no interest I'll let it go.
Nice! I always go for old big 8 teams in the tourney.
So awesome.... glad to hear it jbown and not surprised you are loving it. One of yours puts out 120db's below 20hz for god's sake!I gotta find a way to make this happen.
I see, thanks. So still quite a bit larger foot print than what I'm wanting to do.
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