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Oh, BTW I heard years ago when I was trying out 6.1 (before 7.1 existed) that having a speaker directly behind you was a waste because when we hear sounds directly behind us we sometimes actually perceive it as coming from in front of us. That must be the case with the mbm-12 sitting right behind. me.
Thanks Michael, yeah that's much better! Ok, so here is another interesting comparison (well, to me anyway)I have HSU MBM-12 that I have directly behind seat in the main LP. Here is a comparison of with the mbm on and off:The red line is with the mbm on. I had to do a lot playing with the eq with the mbm on to try to get the two lines to match up.I'll play with the minidsp more when I get a chance to try to match them almost exactly, but this is pretty good. When I'm...
Thanks guys. Coolgeek, I wouldn't say the Noesis need more midbass necessarily. However, in your room if you can't get a nice response between the crossover and 300 hz OR if you like running a house curve with exaggerated bass then yes - I think mid bass units could be the way to go for you.If you have a way to eq the Noesis to bump up the midbass then that might also be all you need, I don't know since I can't eq my mains.
Do you think will we have a chance to hear the U215's at your GTG? I understand if there won't be enough time with all the other speakers that are going to be there but I'd love to hear them at some point if we get a chance!
I never thought of that! My motivation was mainly for music as usual, so you are probably right that the effect isn't as great for movies.I would try a 120, 130, or 140 crossover but my AVR only had the options of 50, 80, 100, 150, and 200 for crossover options.
I haven't met him "Dom" but have exchanged many PM's and I agree - very nice guy. I was real close to getting 4 FTW 21's before I went with 8 SI's and he was very helpful (I went with 18's because of the ease of the flatpacks). You should post some of the results of how your room measures when he comes over. I'll be interested to see what Dom thinks of your JTR setup.
Nate, have you seen this thread? http://www.avsforum.com/t/1488059/your-home-theater-ulf-score#post_23676011Not that it's scientific at all obviously but I'm curious how your room would compare. I'm thinking you would have the lowest (which means best) score, if not then real close.I mean, seriously.... 132 db's at 8 f'ing hz with less than 1% distortion? 8 21" subs and a G-horn? Like Archaea was saying, we have experienced just under 140 db's but I guarantee it wasn't...
Yes, I did but thanks for the reminder.
I know that sounds odd, but in my room at my LP it works and I prefer it for music for sure.Here is why:This is from 100hz to 300hz. The red line is with a 80hz crossover, the black line is a 150hz crossover, same settings on the master volume and sub trim volume. With my minidsp I can't do anything about that dip in between 100hz and 300 hz unless I change the crossover to 150hz.Now, playing with speaker placement (using a 80hz crossover again) I can get that dip to...
Yes, I already did that. When I first bought the ommimic and tried to get it calibrated it said, "file not found", so I had to email them directly and they sent me the correct file so I'm good to go.
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