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Does that cable work with your XBox or are you using a different cable for the Xbox? If the cable works with your XBox and not the PS2, maybe the PS2 connector is bad. I know this is a dumb suggestion, but ya never know: did you connect the red video plug into the video port on the back of your tv? There are 2 reds - one is for audio. If that isn't the problem, then I would have to say it's either a setting (which you might have already addressed) or a bad cable. Are...
Thanks for your input. I went out and got the component cables. They were actually cheaper than the S-video. I bought the Mad Cats cables for $10 at Best Buy. I saw the official sony PS2 cables for $25 and the Monster Cables for $47 but I figured that given my limited playing that the $10 cables were good enough. I would imagine that the Monster Cables would be better than the Mad Cats (I have Monsters everywhere else), but the Sony cables looked cheap. I guess with...
I am currently using the factory cables with my PS2 (basic yellow rca jack for video) - I don't play very often. I would like to upgrade the cables but I don't know if I should go to Component or S-Video. Which is better and why? Would component be worth the extra money - would I even notice the difference?
I think I got it! Her initials are SG. The big hint that you gave was obviously the list of actors that she appeared with. One movie really stood out, Actually! You are correct in that she is an actress that we have probably seen, but her name didn't ring a bell with me. I might have the wrong bird, though!
I am using 5 channels. The speakers will be about 2 or 3 feet to either side of the couch.
I am trying to find the right place for my rears, but because of doors and windows, the best places are 7' behind the couch on the right side and 10' behind of the left side. They will be about 7-8 feet high on the wall. Is that too far back?
Quantum Leap!! I know it was popular in its time, but they cancelled it when it was in it's prime. It used to be in re-reruns on USA, I think, but they even cancelled the re-reruns....Oh Boy!
My question wasn't so much about what's better, it was more about whether the sound should be so dramatically different. For example could my settings be wrong? (edited by moderator to keep the peace - Larry Davis
Should DTS 'blow away' Dolby? I recenty watched U-531 on Dolby and DTS. The scene where the Destroyer explodes at the end was 100X better on DTS than it was on Dolby. Should that be? Also does anyone know if Braveheart is available with DTS? Thanks
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