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Quote: Originally Posted by turbine_slayer Sorry to see you go DH. Thanks for starting this thread. The information in here was the only way many of us could keep these sets going. 355 pages and almost 6 years. Impressive. Most impressive. It was a pleasure. This thread had some amazing contributers. I just wish the sets lasted as long as the thread
If anyone in the Houston area would like a 65, come get it. The light engine is posterizing pretty bad after 20 minutes or so. The bulb is 8 months old. Everything else seems to be working. It goes to the dump Saturday!
Whenever the fluctuations started on my set, within a few days there was a loud pop, followed by little pieces of glass everywhere. This happened with every bulb that failed on our set (5 of 'em).
Thanks for the link.
Are all the movies on Amazon Video on-demand available with the Prime Membership? (i.e. the new releases, etc)
Danabw: I'd retire it. We finally did. We put it up in the game room for the kids to play console games on. The posterization isn't too bad for gaming. But, once the bulb goes, the set goes... I've been through a few sets trying to find a replacement. I'm almost settled on our Vizio XVT but it has a few quirks (i.e. blooming, random reboots). In many respects, it is superior to the HP. However, the thing about out beloved HP sets that I really miss is that it had...
All of a sudden, in the last week, we've had at least 8 RVRs and 2 hard locks where we had to pull power to the set. Did Vizio ever get to the bottom of these issues? Not sure about the rest of you, but I'm getting worried about the long term reliability of these sets.
I wish I knew. Hasn't bothered us yet. We've had around 3 or 4 in 6 weeks of ownership. I'd guess one of the Apps puked but who really knows....
RVR - random vizio reboot
Our set does the same... I really wish we had the "perfect" picture many people on this thread seem to have. I think I may give Vizio a chance to evaluate our set... I dread the thought of returning it!
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