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Redmere HDMI cable is your best option for a single long length HDMI cable. However, running two cat6 and using either a HDMI balun or HDBaseT over one cat6 cable is a good choice and allows future expansion. Two points, if the wall is open run a conduit and test all cables with the sources and displays, prior to installing them in the wall. HDMI is source and display sensitive, when used in a long run...
What type of coaxial cable are you running? RG-6 is a larger gauge and better suited for long runs. You can also try a mast mounted preamp CM-7778
Comcast Cherry Hill NJ interrupted local digital and moved them, but reinstalled them recently. If you have a clear qam tuner in your HDTV or computer you can re-tune locals in HD.
Not all laptops have HDMI connection. If you are looking for a flexible solution you can run VGA into a HDMI converter with the audio and send it through the receiver. VGA to HDMI Converter The least expensive option is to send VGA to the projector and the audio to the receiver with a 3.5mm stereo cable to dual RCA. 3.5mm(1/8") to Dual RCA
What is the expected payback period for your solar panels? Were you eligible for any incentives? Is the age of your roof a concern?
My AveryMedia card is still getting local QAM and a few cable only channels. Many of the analog channels are gone. A rescanning of the digital tuner card failed. My Media Center Guide imploded and was rendered useless. It will have to be completely reprogrammed, but not certain how unless I invest hours. We were hood-winked with the switch, but what did you expect from an unregulated monopoly? Need I say any more, without getting political.
My HD tuner card stop picking up all my qam stations from Comcast Garden State. Analog is working. Is anyone else having this problem?
Also notice the NFL Channel is cutting out, freezing and pixelating.
High quality feed through for panel mount or keystone inserts, available gold or nickel plated, insulated spacers included. http://www.ramelectronics.net/audio-...rodRCAFFG.html
Currently own a 6.1, but the only movie I ever owned in 6.1 was Pirate's of the Caribbean. Heard the rear center on select scenes and it was a great experience. The speaker fell of the the stand, behind the sofa, and broke one day. A few years later I discovered it wasn't working, when I attempted to demonstrate my 6.1 setup. 5.1 is enough for my ears any day, but my next system will be 7.1. What am I saying? If you can't purchase a 7.1 or 9.1 movie, you will never...
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