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OK, getting it in HD 720p on Mediacom. Pre-game looks and sounds good. Now, all we need is for Mediacom to descramble KY3 and add PBS!!!
Woohoo! So, are talking about OTA, Mediacom, or both?
Oh crap! Will they be working over the weekend then? Need KSFX by Monday!!!
What is the purpose of the air+cable button in scanning and how do you use it? I understand the single air button and the single cable button... TIA
Yeah my QAM tuner isn't getting it either. It used to be on 19-something. Now I get KY3 on 1-1 and it shows it is an ATSC channel and looks like crap??? What has happened?
I understand your enthusiasm completely. It is not ready for prime time yet and that has been stated in previous posts. You might think of this as beta testing for them rhoops has explained everthing in previous posts.
Ok, I'm an addict. I can't watch any NTSC on my big screen. I watched the game last night in HD but I hooked up another TV to get the NTSC sound. Hehe. The sound was weird. The commercials had sound but most of the game did not. So, I hooked up a regular old TV for the sound and watched it that way. Bring it on rhoops!!!!
The new Samsung DTB-H260F can be had online for around $170. Some places more some less. This box does QAM and ATSC. I use QAM but I hooked it up to a regular old pair of rabbit ears and it pulled in KY3, PBS, etc. with a 100% signal. The rest were about 40-50%. I have a larger antenna in the attic but haven't hooked it up yet. I live about 12 miles from the towers on the East side of Springfield. For comparison, I used to have E* and used their box for OTA and it didn't...
On my Samsung DTB-H260F I'm now getting them on 62-13 and 62-14 using the cable QAM. Picture quality on one is 720P and the other is1080I. PQ is OK but the sound is breaking up on both. I'm viewing on my projector system. At this size it really shows any of PQ problems. At the time I was able to view, it I didn't notice any breakups in the picuture, just the sound. Come on Mediacom!!! We need this for the games tonight
New Posts  All Forums: