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That made my day! Funny stuff!
These continued articles about 6 figure home theater installations is getting tiresome. It's like advertising a Ferrari on a Chevy forum. The screenshot is terrible. Why even post that? The projector installation looks trashy to me.
I don't agree. They are trying to save face by doing anything they can, stupid or not, to fight piracy. HDMI is cracked, and soon to be cracked wide open. What is next? Forced obsolescence for this "cutting edge" technology?Bill - I like you man! Maybe these guys don't want to face the music! Again, HDMI is cracked. Even if they issue a new HDMI standard, the millions of devices that are of the current HDMI are still exposed.
This is laughable! If the bureaucrats/idiots think that this is going to stop piracy in any way, they have really lost any real sense of reality. I swear, these people must sit around in board rooms and have to come up with something...anything...that can be considered an idea. When will these companies learn that EVERTHING and ANYTHING will be cracked. It is just a matter of time. Alienating even more consumers with this nonsense is just, well...stupid. HDMI is...
My apologies. I didn't catch the bit about your programs just ripping the data and not re-encoding them.
MKV is a container for mpeg data (as an example), mpeg is a form of compression. So, to answer what your question probably really is, will MakeMKV be as good as vob2mpg? That will depend on a number of things, most importantly, the type of encoder and presets/manual settings the programs use. Using MKV containers is generally preferred, as there is lots of flexibility. And generally speaking, you will never get as good of results with quick-click encoders like those...
Rubbish (with all due respect) I purposely have not updated 2 of my HTPC's to SP3 as they do EXACTLY what they need to do as they are, and have continued to do so. My 1212 is running the ORIGINAL software and drivers from when it came out. It does exactly what I want and need it to do, so updating for the sake of updating makes no sense to me in this particular example. I am not saying that updates are not important, but in some instances it makes no sense. SP3...
According to http://us.toshiba.com/computers/lapt...650/L655-S5058 your max resolution is 1366x768, which is essentially 720p. You can still play 1080p material though, it will just be scaled down to fit your tv screen.
Several things... You first need to figure out if it is your encoding software or decoding software. I hightly doubt that it is your graphics drivers. I would suspect that your encoding software is the culprit. You might want to read up other options...megui/avisynth as examples. Try downloading some 1080p mkv samples that others have encoded.
I had a friend who's HTPC just out of the blue started stuttering. Simple setup...MPC, ffdshow, ac3filter, Haali...Anyways, we tried everything with the exception of a fresh XP install. We ended up just uninstalling various codecs, and reinstalling them. This fixed the problem. You can do this by: 1. Open your start menu and choose "Run". 2. Type "mmsys.cpl" 3. Hit Enter 4. Choose the Hardware Tab. 5. Select Video Codecs from the list. 6. Choose...
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