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Nicely done! A beautiful home theater.
I will definitely be looking at this one to see if it is worth adding to my collection.
Just wanted to make an update on the OEM bulb. It's been running in my projector for 20 months now, has 750 hours on it and still looks good.
Overall as projectors go, $150-160 for a lamp replacement is fairly inexpensive. If you can get an OEM replacement at that price then I'd just stick with that.
Light reflections will impact contrast, there is just no getting around that. The big question is have you had the projector calibrated for the screen and room your are viewing it in? That can have a considerable impact on the overall contrast and black levels in the picture.
Yes, if you cannot bring the room to total or near total darkness then the image will look washed out.The High Power screen will help make the image look brighter but will frankly do little to nothing to reduce the "washed out" look that too much light in the room will cause.As others have said, the darkest image your screen can produce is equal to what the screen looks like in the room without the projector turned on. In a totally black room you have the potential for...
I agree with Ack. Contrast numbers can be muddied quite a bit with the introduction of secondary factors like automatic irises on some models where the actual native contrast of the display may not be accurately represented in the specs. For example: My Samsung SP-H710ae projector has a rated contrast of 2800:1 and yet out of the box it produces a much better overall black level than my Epson Home cinema 1080 and its (exaggerated by the use of an iris) 11,000:1...
FYI.. If you want to read up more on this projector and the history that some of us here have had with it then I recommend that you go through this thread: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=877066
The issue I had was that the projector would power up but then cut off at random several minutes later once it had started playing. After looking into it, I discovered that the power in my house was very "dirty", prone to dips and spikes which I suspected were causing the problem (Power drops below a certain threshold and the projector cuts out..). I bought a power conditioner three years ago and started running the projector through that and have not had a problem since...
I own a SP-710ae and agree that it does look impressive even today however a few things to keep in mind.. That projector originally had an MSRP of about $10,000 and had some rather high end components built into it for the time. The product line was tweaked by Joe Kane so as to almost guarantee that the colors would be near perfect straight from the box. In essence these units were calibrated at the factory. There were many, many problems with production of these...
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