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Similar question as above. I have several hundred hours on my vt. I did not use the break in slides. Is there any reason I cannot use D-nice's post slide custom settings? Will it cause any damage?
Just watched Fast 5 and Red state on Blu ray. The VT did so well! I cant imagine a better picture
I found these shutter glasses that claim to be universal. Has anyone heard anything about Blick 3D Glasses? http://www.3dglassesunlimited.com/un...5374472b359b30
Know there are a few different technologies out there. What are your experiences?
Got a new 65 vt30 on the way. I think my head will be about 12.5 feet away with a direct line of sight. Am I going to have distance issues on the 3d glasses? If yes, can I buy aftermarket glasses or do anything to fix this short of moving my Couch?
Spoke with the Panasonic Customer Service Group as I was asking about break in. They claim that as long as the orbital is engaged, there is no chance for burn in. Thoughts?
Got the a new 65vt30 on the way. I had not planned on running burn in slides but am interested in watching movies without damaging the tv over the first 100 hours. What is the best way to do this?
Considering a new Panasonic 65 vt30. Should I be nervous about buying on line vs an actual brick and mortar store?
I'm coming from a 5 year old 50 inch 720p Panny. Still a great tv BTW. That said, I know I will have a glare and brightness issue at non critical times. I can control lighting when it counts Would you be in an way swayed away from a vt30 knowing this? My alt would be a Samsung 64D8000 plasma.
I guess that is a good point. Are recent VT30 owners pretty happy? Can I rest that this is the best plasma on the market today?
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