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Will you be able to turn all the LEDs and stuff off during a movie so they don't distract?
Some updates. Got my Harmony working... albeit its a little herky jerky. I decided that, for me, having a seperate file server and HTPC was really over kill as that I only have about 1 TB of data/audio/video and its not really growing. So I pulled the 3 disk raid array out of my WHS (3x 2TB HDs and a RAID 5 controller) and transplanted them into my HTPC. I had to put the 3rd disk in the optical bay... but it was empty and I have no plans to put an opitcal disk player in...
Sure. Mount the drives in your case. Connect the sata cables. Set the drives/sata ports for RAID in the BIOS. Create the raid array in the raid config utility (during post). Done. You now have a RAID array of whatever type and size you selected.
I have a 4 bay windows home server with 8 TB of storage. You could easily buy a 8 port SATA III Raid card and build a 21ish TB RAID 5 array using 8x3TB drives in WHS 2011. Super easy.
You have everything you need. Just share the folders that hold media on the source PC and then map a drive on the machine that will play the files.
I can't tell from the pic. Do you have all the power plugs to the mobo connected? There is the big one and then probably a couple of 4 pin ones that will connect in another spot.
Start with everything pulled out of the board. No RAM, no Cards. Just Mobo, CPU, PSU, and a monitor. Try a regular computer monitor. If it wont try to post this way reseat the CPU and try again. If still nothing try a different PSU. If still nothing then one of these parts is bad. If it trys to post like this start adding parts back till it breaks.
Working on getting my Harmony One all set up now. Mostly done but working out a few snags. Created a thread about it specifically.
I set up my Harmony One to control my HTPC running XBMC. For the most part everything works... but sometimes I have to push the remote button 3 or 4 or 5 times before the HTPC recognizes the command. I havent gotten far enough to determine where the issue is... but I do know the remote is outputting the IR. (My TIVO lights up an indicatore whenever it sees IR commands coming at it.) So I am going to start out with the assumption that either the IR receiver is being...
Pulled the trigger on a 4th 2GB drive. Will be building them into a 6TB raid 5 solution to hold photos/personal files/video/TV etc. Will be using the raid controller on the system board.
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