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Yes, ESPNHD is on Charter under channel 773. It must have just come up late this evening. Damn, good work boys. This is just in time for Duke vs. North Carolina Saturday night.
I have contacted their corp. offices in the past, and it does help. It took less than a week for a lady at the local B'ham office to contact me about HD. If anybody would like to contact her here is the information: phone# 205-443-3157 ask for Elaina Pickett Be nice and she will find out all she can. She did not have a ton of immediate answers, but she contacted enough people for me to get my questions answered. Just FYI, last time I did talk with them, ESPNHD was...
Charter HD service currently has a feed from NBC. They are not currently negotiating with CBS (which bites). Still in negotiations with ESPN-HD and a station they will not confirm (guessing ABC). Just FYI.
Just two days ago, I had finally received confirmation from Charter that the negotiations with the local stations had been resolved. We should be looking at September for local stations being added that are broadcasting in HD. Sad note is that ESPNHD is still in negtiations, and maybe not until 2006.
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