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Anybody notice that on the coupon it says available on line, but there are no Philips TV's on Costco's site? Think they will show up next week? Steve
How much was the upgrade? How do you do the upgrade? Thanks! Steve
The next one after Shrek is Indiana Jones. Check out the info on Pinball News website. Steve
Guys, I took the SD card out of the machine and stuck it in the laptop. It shows as blank and windows states that the card is not formatted. It must be in some other format? I clicked on properties and shows RAW format and 0 bytes capacity and 0 bytes used. Any ideas how we can take a look at this thing? Steve
well after doing a little research, the cabinet is definitely a Jamma cabinet. So it looks like you would be able to hook any Jamma game up to it no problem. The only thing I saw is that this cabinet has stereo and the original Jamma standard is Mono, so there might be a slight mod there. I found a 1069 in 1 Jamma PCB from Jamma Boards dot com that is a PC motherboard based system with a Jamma connector and a hard drive full of games. It also support the 5th and 6th ...
Hi guys, I just got me an Ultimate Arcade 2+ on Friday. It appears to be the Ultimate Arcade 2 in the Golden Tee cabinet. It is the one from Costco. I picked it up off of ebay for $1200. It is a pretty nice unit. I opened it up and took a look inside and I can tell you there is not much in it. There is the monitor, a power supply and a small PCB. The PCB says "Hot Rod ArcadePC by Hanaho" and uses an Intel PXS270 chip on it. There is a SD card that has the...
probably locals... :rolleyes:
Take alook at the Dayton Titanic 15" sub. It is roughly 19" wide and deep. It is an amazing sub. This is the first powered sub I have ever owned and did a lot of reading on these and other boards before purchasing. I think I ended up more confused, but decided to go with it and am not sorry in the least bit. This thing shook the pictures off my walls! I am not kidding! I got the kit and it is very easy to put together. Let me know if you have any questions about...
Well, after following this subject all day from work, I was hoping the channel would be on by the time I got home. No such luck. The account is under my wifes name, so I told her about the situation and had her call. She just talked to one of the normal CSR's and told them the situation. He went on saying we need a waiver, blah, blah, blah. My wife stopped him and read exactly what is says on the website and he said to hold on a second he will check into it. Sure...
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