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That's how this all started (I swapped in person and got a bad box, and was told to wait for a tech yesterday instead of going in again). Also, I don't have time to go in, but i can work at home. But someone on the 3412 board indicated he's on his 6th 3412, and it's still buggy but he's tired of dealing with the swap . . . , which is why I wonder about the timing of the Panasonic box.
to recap: I went in and swapped my old 6412 for a new box on Friday, which turned out to be a 3412. The fan was as loud as a vacuum cleaner, so they set up a service call for yesterday. The rep showed up and said the noise was normal, but that it shouldn't be constant (?). Anyway, he swapped it out for a new 3412. Very quiet. Everything seemed fine, but the guide as only partially loaded nearly 24 hours later, and I kept getting an error message when trying to...
What is the firmware installed on your 3412?
I guess it failed my test (fan's as loud as a vacuum cleaner). But on the 3412 board I was assured that this is not normal, so I was given a defective box. So good timing or bad, we'll see.
geez. ch. 2 shows as "digital," so I guess it is what it says it is. why would th bozo at Comcast insist it wasn't?
I called Comcast about the firmware and loud fan. They're coming out to replace the unit in person (to purportedly make sure that I get a working unit); said the firmware should be 12.22(?). The strangest part, though, is that even though the box says it's a 3412 on the front and bottom, they assure me it's a 6412III (even after me reading the serial number). So now I get to spend a few hours on Sunday dealing with this. Oh boy.
The plot thickens. . . . I just called Comcast (about the firmware and the loud fan on this unit). They said it is a 6412III, not a 3412, even though it indicates 3412 on the unit. Moto is more FUBAR than I thought. Or is it Comcast.
FYI, I just did a reset. After an hour (!), it downloaded 12.22 firmware again. Why wouldn't it have downloaded 12.31?
Great. So perhaps I waisted a trip to swap out my old unit. Mine came with 12.22 firmware. I just did a reset (took an hour!), and it still downloaded 12.22 instead of 12.31. In San Francisco, Comcast has been loading 12.31 to the 6412III. I'm one of the first to get the 3412, apparently. Is there a good reason why they wouldn't be loading anything past 12.22 on the 3412 when they are on the 6412III?
Why 8?? Should I go back and try for a 6412III? By the way, nothing is stuck in the fan (I blasted air through it and it's still loud). I'm wondering if this is a firmware issue? I'm having ReplayTV deja vu.
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