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It says 3412 on the front and the bottom
Just swapped my 6412 (pre phase III) for a 3412. The fan seems awfully loud. Is it supposed to be, or is mine defective?
I just swapped my 6412 (pre-phase III) 'cause of all the problems I'd been having (including loss of all recorded shows last week) and the SF Comcast store gave me a 3412. The firmware it came with is 12.22. Should I be concerned that it isn't 12.31? Will 12.31 load sometime soon? Also, the signal strength is showing as fair, whereas it had always been good on the other box. Can the box effect that, or is it something else I should be concerned about?
Thanks. So the magic words are "I need the one with HDMI" in order to ensure that they give me a phase 3 box?
My 6412 is about a year and a half old. I've done a basic reset 2 or 3 times over that year and a half. Lately it had been getting more and more buggy, so I did a hard drive reset. I lost all my recorded shows. ..it happens, I know. A couple of questions: How often should I have been resetting the hard drive? Every other month? Or was this inevitable, and should I just plan on replacing the box every year or so? The second question may have already been answered,...
OK, this is probably obvious, but . . . , My display converts 720p to 1080i. I assume, then, that I should set the Oppo for 1080i and not 720p output, right? Another question: Any chance that the oppo will support .mov files in the future?
OK, I just got XM direct installed in my car. When I tried to activate it, I kept getting a messsage "We’re sorry, but the browser you are using is not supported." I tried using the latest versions of Explorer and Netscape, as well as Safari, and Firefox. Please no 5% flames. I just find this really unnecessary and lame, especially since it costs $9.99 online and $14.99 over the phone (and you need to trust the phone reps to type all the information...
BBC America's website says that the "Shameless Christmas Special" will be broadcast tonight 10 - 11:30. It's not showing up at all on iGuide (and there's nothing exactly matching that timeslot). It shows up on yahoo tv as being on 9:30 - 11:00. For those who don't know, Shamelss was a (imo) great show they broadcast earlier in the year, and I'd love to see the Christmas special. Does anybody have any further info? For now I'm just recording hours of BBC America...
I've tried this, and haven't found it to be seemless when played on my 2 year old dvd player, even without edits. Maybe it depends on the dvd player you're using, but just a word of warning to not experiment with your only copy.
Quote: Originally Posted by SteveEast I have the Audio Authority 1177 which just switches digital audio. No dropouts. Thanks for the info. That looks like a great unit, but more than I want to spend at the moment (and more than I need). I have a feeling I'll be picking one up soon enough, though. Jim
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