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Has anyone else experienced signal disruption over the past few days? I noticed it Friday night, Sunday night and Monday night. I had a guy out on Monday to check my signal strength and it check out ok during the day on Monday. It's starting to get really annoying. It disrupts my cable, internet and VOIP phone. BTW, I live in College Park. Just wonder if they are doing any testing in my area.
Greg any word on if BHN will go live with ESPN2-HD on Thursday? I'm curious b/c my Longhorns play a B-ball game that night and it will be one of the first HD broadcasts on ESPN2-HD.
Has anyone heard whether or not ESPN2-HD will be added to Brighthouse when it goes live in January?
I too will be out of town on the 13th. I hope someone that attends gives us a good recap.
K4Ree, that was definitely a mistake. When i had my Pace box hooked up the tech offered component and DVI cables.
ESPN-HD!!! I'm so excited. I've been out of touch for a few day and i login to check the board and find this!! Thank you!! Greg, is ESPN-HD avaliable to all TWC/BH subscribers? I have some friends back in Austin, TX that would love to hear it's avaliable to them. Thanks again!!
Does anyone know if ABC's broadcasting the FSU/UM in HD?
Just so i'm on record again. I agree with dgmayor. A few extra bucks a month is nothing compaired to what i'm paying right now for ESPNHD.
Not to be negative but i wouldn't get my hopes up for ESPNU or ESPN2HD or ESPNHD. I've given up a long time ago for any new Disney Corp. programming. TimeWarner/BrightHouse and Disney need to put their dicks away and grow up!!!
I do have the new software. I went in a did the scan under the installers menu. However I'm still having the same problem. Any other ideas? I might have to get a tech out here to fix it.
New Posts  All Forums: