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Thanks for the info and advice. My parents are visiting me for Thanksgiving but we'll be heading up to their house on Friday, and will try what you indicated. Specifically, when you said "time to upgrade", did you mean the set isn't worth fooling with or time to upgrade specific areas of the electronics? If the convergence "unit" is bad, do you know if it is a replaceable AND orderable part? And if it is orderable, where can I get a new part? Assume a parts dealer...
My parents have an old Mitsubishi (mid-1990s) VS-6041 60" rear-projection TV that was displaying scan lines at the bottom of the screen for the last 6 months, off-and-on. They lived with it for the time since they thought it was some weird interference issue but the other day when they went to turn it on, it just made the power-on clicking noise but didn't power the TV set on nor the green power light. Any ideas for an attempt at fixing it themselves? My Dad is pretty...
I have a 2008 Mac Mini (1.83 C2D) and a Harmon Kardon AVR-354. I've read that the 2008 Mac Mini does not output HDCP compliant signals that the AVR-354 apparently requires. Can anyone confirm this? Or if anyone is running a C2D Mac mini (even 2009, since I may trade up for one soon) to an HK AVR-354, how are you doing it? Mac Mini -> HK AVR-354 -> 2008 Panasonic 50" plasma TV I don't want the extra cabling from Mac Mini to the Panny plasma TV, so it's receiver...
This is the FIRST time I've heard this. You are confirming that HDMI through the AVR-354 is untouched?? I'm not at home so I can't confirm this is the manual .. can check online but can anyone else check right now? I guess I'm not unhappy with my picture but I'd rather have it untouched by the AVR...
Ok .. so is this an OS level change, applying to text in games, Internet surfing, etc?? Thanks for the info..
Just curious if any PZ85U owners have hooked up a PC to their 50" displays? I sit about 13 feet away from mine, so I'm not sure it's realistic to expect to be able to read text and see small graphical things (games)... What say you?
Beerstalker, do you have Tivo HD + Lifetime and Comcast in Peoria? I'm in Peoria as well and am sick of paying $15 month for renting a DVR..feel free to PM me or reply here..
I'd love to stop renting a STB but I'm thinking of buying my own .. any drawbacks there if Comcast will allow it? Like will I be able to get the guide and use the full DVR functionality against the guide?
Am curious if anyone keeps a list on the internet of Comcast Clear QAM HD channels (Peoria area, preferably, of course!) so I can ditch this Motorola DVR for an HTPC. It'll save me $15 a month .. very much worth it if I can get the FEW HD channels that I watch via Clear QAM.. Anyone know??
You are correct, it does force the cable box to do the upscaling. I have the same Comcast Cable box (Moto DCH6412) and I did NOT pay $600 for a 1080p receiver to use the cable box for upscaling .. no way .. I'll just deal with the stupid handshake issues.
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