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I've already decided to get the 1018 or the Elite 01 model .. I'm tired of this - plus the initial small batch of issues already cropping up with the units... Can always get it later for cheaper and sell the 1018/01 .
I'll be very interested to get your reaction with the Wii hooked up via component to the receiver and HDMI out to the TV!
I thought the 1018 scaled all inputs to 1080p - it does not? Because the 92's HDMI inputs are ONLY pass-through, correct? I assume that is acceptable for a newer 1080p TV since they upscale/upconvert already, albeit pretty good too? (Panny)
No native iPod support is a deal breaker for me since this is going in my main living space. I want iPod support and not just some hook-up to the back, which I could do with any old receiver .
These are the exact same receivers that I'm comparing right now .. I keep going back and forth but the Pio may win the day since it may be available sooner!
Where do you have it pre-ordered for that price!? I'm interested!!
Can someone tell me what the 92 has that the 1018 doesn't besides a beefier amp section??
Excellent and please do report back on the additional image attribute test results!
If you will use the TV as a monitor for your PC/Mac, then you will have an issue with colors being cut-off on the extreme ends of the spectrum. Using the TV outside of this will not affect you. So I'm back on board for a 354 .
Good point .. and I have the same exact TV, so I'd like to know this as well...
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