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Yeah I did and it plays fine. When I said "communication" is different, I meant receiver doesn't send any video information to PS3, so maybe PS3 just sends 1080p/24 to a receiver, but when PS3 connects directly to a TV, maybe a TV sends some type of data saying can't receive 1080p/24, so PS3 converts to 1080p/60 instead. I'm just guessing.
My guess is communication from receiver and TV is different. A receiver doesn't send any video information but maybe TV does.
Are you sure about that?
If I turn 1080p/24 off it plays fine.
Man that socks, I was hoping this TV can do 1080p/24 because of 120Hz.
So can this TV handle 1080p/24? since PS3 can output 1080p/24
Can Pioneer VSX-81TXV handle 1080p/24? I have a Sharp 52D92U, it says received unknown signal. But it works when directly connects to the TV. Any idea?
so when are they planning to release these TVs?
Thank you.
Same here I'm calling them right now.
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