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Agreed, but you might be surprised how many people got bent over the subscription fees (granted the dev could have handled it better).Even iRule bent some folks when device limits were somewhat silently introduced in newer versions.While I'm less than thrilled that design of my remotes is dependent on iRule's servers, IMHO it's the best game in town at the moment, even with the clunky and repetitive process of building remotes.
You realize roomie has gone to a subscription arrangement, right? Would you be willing to pay iRule a monthly/yearly fee for guide data? This data involves real costs to deliver, and since I already pay TiVo for it, have no need for it in iRule.
Found these within a couple of minutes... http://files.remotecentral.com/library/3-1/denon/receiver/power_control/index.html
Have you tried RemoteCentral.com?
No. They require the new, and less capable MyHarmony site and the MicroSoft Silverlight plugin. )c:
Don't have an iPad, but comparing performance with a nexus 7 gen 2 to an iPod 4 gen, the performance on Android is clunky at best. Page transitions are laggy, and panels are slow to change. The nexus has several times the horsepower of the iPod, so I can only assume there is very little optimization being done on Android. There are also a good number of missing features. It's a 1.x release and has a long way to go.
I am afraid it is iRule that is clunky and slow.
No Nest support.
I went the URC route before moving to Harmony remotes. Harmony was much quicker and easier to set up. Unfortunately the newer MyHarmony site was flawed at introduction, and continues to be today. You can not enter discrete codes (or any custom code for that matter), and the new hub is limited to 8 devices. Moreover, there are just too many things you can't find a way to do. Earlier this month I decided to try a Global Cache iTach. Initially with an inexpensive standalone...
Oh yeah. Here are some of the things I use Tasker for:Once a day gets my router's WAN address and stores it in a global variable.Send a signal to a chime when any of my devices reach full charge.Records memos with a single click, another click to stop.Take a photo from a single click (don't have to open Camera).Arm and disarm my alarm system, automatically plugging in the local or WAN IP address depending on my location.Change my screen timeout, brightness, wireless and...
New Posts  All Forums: