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When an Android screen sleeps, it requires a press of the power button to restore it. There are a number of apps that can use sensor data to wake the screen (proximity, ambient light, accelerometer), some work better than others. IME, the most reliable of these was ones using the proximity sensor (which of course the Nexus 7 lacks). You'll have to play around with some of them to find one that works for you. I gave up on them because they are either too sensitive for...
Android device screens turn completely off by default. There is a setting in iRule to prevent it if you don't want that behavior.
There's a repeat on hold property for buttons, but for me on Android, it doesn't work very well. As for pretty much the rest of your observations, they're spot on. The web interface could stand for a lot of improvement, but to be fair, I have yet to find a better alternative in the grand scheme of things.
Are you on iOS 7? Because I am not seeing this behavior on iOS 6. Whenever it autolocks, after waking and swiping i am right back to the panel I was on before it locked.
I could have gotten by with eight devices as well in my media room, but thought that if I was gonna re-do the current setup (two old Harmony remotes), I wanted whole house control. I was using Tasker to send the commands to my server for lighting and security, but its interface is sorely lacking compared to iRule.I also wanted control over a second zone system in the garage that pipes audio to the back yard deck, and an independent system in the master bedroom. With iRule...
I have two 550's which I just retired. I wanted multiroom control on my mobile devices and thought I'd go with the Smart Control. I returned it due to an 8 device limit on the hub and went with a Global Cache iTach. More work to set up your remotes, but limitless. Thought I'd need two units but turns out one does the following for me:Controls Six components in main media room via blaster on output 3.Controls two components in garage via IR emitter on output 1.Controls 4...
POE spec is 12 watts over 100 meters. Seems like that should be plenty.
Are you sure you're quitting the app on your device. If you just close it by hitting the Home button it can still be in memory.
On Android it is 'air.com.venstar.skyport'.
James, The hub has the limit. When you add 8 devices, you can add no more.
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