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Thank you, thank you, thank you. Sincerely.
The Sharp 8K display was phenomenal. It was 85", and a very limited looped footage roll. But talk about looking through a window! And the clip showing the float from a parade was truly incredible. It was a spectacularly gorgeous and had a real 3D perspective without glasses. Not sure how knowledgeable the Sharp employees were about the product, but they made it sound like it was not likely to be productized until 2020 due to limited camera equipment and production...
Sweet! Putting together a new family room setup and this looks like EXACTLY what I need. You've got mail! Rich
Subject pretty much says it all. Haven't found a way to save progress in the middle of a level. Love the game, but if there really isn't a way that would blow. It takes my wife hours to complete a level, and some days you just don't have that much time to devote to the game. Thanks, Rich
Dan-- Looks great. Thanks for sharing the information and details. What did you do to adjust the gamma? I know how/where in the Epson menu, but I'm not familiar with the Eye-One D2 and HCFR. So were you using info from that to manually tweak the gamma settings from the curve? Thanks! Rich
My son has been playing Smash Bros all summer and is about to go back to his mother's -- tomorrow! I bought him his own copy of SB, and an SD card so he could take all of his progress back with him. But I can't figure out how to get the data to the SD card. It won't let me copy. I'm sure this is simple, but I can't figure it out. Thanks! Rich
I think I'm about to need to backup my PS3 to send it in for repairs. In the backup instructions it says: "Please note that the following copy-protected content will not be transferable: Digital Right Management (DRM) PlayStation® format software game data PlayStation®2 format software game data PLAYSTATION®3 format software Game Save Data flagged as unexportable" So the only games I actually care about are: Rock Band Guitar Hero III GT5 Prologue Will I...
The HDD on my 40GB PS3 (purchase 3/08) is grinding. I recognize that sickening sound (unfortunately) as a HDD that is going to fail. I suspect head slap. Anyhow, it's still under warranty. I actually have a spare 2.5" HDD that I was thinking about installing. But since this is still under warranty, should I send it in? Does replacing the HDD void the warranty? Thanks, Rich
I know it's somewhere here, but couldn't find it. How do I set the 3808 for video passthrough? Would like to do that for my Cable box and PS3, both via HDMI. So is it set by input? Or is it a universal setting? Thanks! Rich
That was the ticket. It wasn't in the favorites at the top level, but one level in there was another favorites folder, and there they were. Thanks. Rich
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