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Same here - lost 7-1, but my QAM tuner is not seeing 111-2 which means I can't get WHIO in HD at all now...
Mini's don't support 802.11n yet - they are limited to 802.11g. If you're setting up a wireless network from your Time Capsule, you're going to want to use a newer Airport Express with 802.11n with each Mini as a wireless bridge as to use the full 270 mbps bandwidth Time Capsule can serve out.
Any update on 33-1 going back to HD soon? Everything was still SD for me as of this weekend - I really don't want to watch another episode of Lost in SD again.
Quote: Originally Posted by cruzmisl I ciurrently only have a cell phone (since it's connected to my hip) I couldn't see the point of getting a landline. Anyway I was thinking of Vonage but wondering if my 942 will be able to dial out and communicate with Dish. If I could save the $7/month it may be worth it Any ideas? Thanks, J. Why don't you just get a docking station for your cellphone for when you are home? That will allow your 942 to...
I have been having trouble this week with 33.1 (WYTV-DT). My signal strength is around 50-60% on my Dish 811 HD reciever with OTA capabilities. Normally, its in the 80-90% range. I'm getting constant dropouts with no sound. Does anybody know if they're doing work on their transmitter? I'm in Hermitage, PA.
http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=577875 I sure hope E* follows suit or they will be losing my business.
MPEG is a delivery only format not suited for frame-by-frame editing by a NLE (Non Linear Editor). If you have any intentions whatsoever of editing the footage in the future, you are better off capturing it to DV AVI format via Firewire with something like the ADS Pyro.
Better deal???? What the hell are you complaining about? I had to pay $400 for my 811 when switching to HD.
You can't.
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