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Thanks, I used this to show the game off - it worked! -JR
I have a bunch of family coming by this week who want to check out the Xbox One. I'd like to show them Ryse - any recommendations on best chapter/area to start off with that would give that big "wow" factor? -JR
I typically play all may games through speakers, but finally decided to give headphones shot. Since the audio is directional, I figured it'd be a little trial to see if I found it helpful in my game play. Not that I couldn't hear it with the speakers, but with headphones it tends to be more pronounced. Going old school PC FPS gaming, I removed the music entirely. I love the clean sound now, it's perfect! -JR
I'm with you on this. It's like this technique is a virus that's been spreading. I've been running into it more and more, and seeing someone Quake/CS hop and spam a shotty at me is lame. Like you, I refuse to play that way, and hope that it goes away as just a fad.Thanks for this - I couldn't figure out what the deal was. Even though it's not a deal breaker, it's pretty lame for an online only game to have this issue. There are many times when I only have 15-30 minutes of...
Anyone else having issues joining matches? Sitting with the "Finding Teammates...0 results" spinning like a mad person for the last 10-15 minutes. Eventually a few people will join, but then they back out since the other side doesn't get filled. -JR
Is there any value at all in hacking Spectres? Do they actually do anything for you?
Thanks for the tips on the arc mines, I couldn't figure how to use these well - at least this will hopefully give me a kill or two with them! I finally ran into a Gen 10 level 50 player. It's amazing how much time that person must have already put into this game. Incredible. It'd be fun if there was a tag for a level 50 player who did gen up and completed all challenges. -JR
Although this match was just pain waiting to happen - I had a few super fun moments today. tampabuc, you're right, this game is crazy addictive!!! I started playing last night with headphones and love the sound! The best was going toe-to-toe with another Titan, only to be on the losing end. As I ejected I threw down a satchel and detonated it as I floated above my exploding titan. Before I hit the ground the satchel blew took out the enemy Titan and I jumped away to find...
Legendary ships are DONE! Thanks for the tips, they totally helped! Now it's time to finish up the game. -JR
Although I'm only just wrapping up the intro/prologue, so far I'm glad I bought this game for the sale price. I was a huge original PC Thief fan, and so far this one feels like it's trying to recreate the original game, but just missing the mark. I'm hoping that as I get deeper into the game it'll ramp up a notch.
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