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Search for Example Short 23.976. It shows the bitrate & resolution.
I'm having the same problem, PCM instead of DD5.1. Don't know when this started. I tried 7 Below, it was PCM too.
No problems here.
I was getting a password doesn't match error with both old and new accounts. I then restarted the ATV and got the "this account cannot be used with Apple TV" error on my new account. I then retried my old account and successfully logged in. Strange.
I updated to 6.1 software on my 2nd generation ATV. Now I can no longer log into YouTube. I even created a new account and could not log in with that either. Anyone else having this problem?
The last published information I can find indicates that Logitech changed their mind and will NOT be selling the Harmony division.
Thanks, I did a search and found that solution. All is good again.
So how did you fix it. Mine seems to be bricked with the update.
Espn, 2, 3, U all with one login/authorization. Charter Communications. Espn News & Desportes not available.
To play HBOGo from your iPad to your Apple TV turn AirPlay on without mirroring. You may have black bars on the top and bottom of the screen depending on the source material. You would only have black bars on the sides if the source is 4:3. The Apple TV also has an HBOGO app, but your cable company has to activate it. Mine currently does not.
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