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I think you (a) are still provoking a non AV8801 discussion and (b) confusing height with a mistranslation of treble.
I try to restrain myself. I really do. But can you take the philosophical & theoretical discussions to a thread more suited to them? Thanks.
Yes. During your initial setup of the Ultimate, you will be asked if you want to transfer settings from another Harmony remote. Watch carefully for it during your initial connection of the Ultimate.
 Used FMP-X1s are harder to find than you think. Most of them are going unused.
 It seems to have been a temporary outage on Logitech's side. I ran into it as well, but it's working now.
On Netflix's help page it says
Not so obvious. Those are inputs. You can assign them to any stereo source you like that has XLR outputs.
OK I literally LOL-ed on this.
If your house is wired with coax for cable - not satellite - MOCA adapters are way better than power line.
 That would make his main use kinda difficult.
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