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Thanks for the review. I am looking forward to checking out the soundtrack on the speakers that I have in my dedicated home theater. A while back I picked up some higher end (and older) Klipsch speakers on Craigslist for a tiny fraction of what they are worth, including the big 15 inch Sub that should rock on this movie.
I have no idea if this return policy is likely to cause the average consumer problems, but I generally avoid Best Buy, as most things can be bought cheaper online, and it's easier to do the research online as well. I guess the main exception to this rule would be Black Friday DoorBuster deals, but after having experienced their endless daisy chain of upgrade lines a couple of years ago, I will never participate in that again either. Best Buy is a strange store that has...
For most of us, cable is shorthand for cable/sattelite/Fiber. It certainly is possible to drop your "Pay TV" service while retaining internet service, often at a huge savings. Charter Cable, for example, offers an "internet only" option that is fast enough to stream 1080p at 20 bucks a month cheaper than their cheapest TV plan.
When you accuse anyone who dislikes "Soap Opera Effect" of suffering from a mental disorder, you do an injustice to the entire conversation.There are legitimate uses for HFR and I am in favor of upgrading cinemas, but this is with the understanding that very few directors will make an all ecompassing decision to force all their movies to appear as if they were filmed on a SOAP Opera set with TV cameras. I assume they will choose a visual appearance that suits whatever...
Ready to swap out my Sony Pearl!
I am using a PS3 for streaming. Video quality is set to the highest setting on Netflix, same as always. Yes, I have tried running the PS3 directly to the TV -- that's how I determined that the problem was not elsewhere in my video chain. There are multiple things going on, but the biggest seems to be the feed from Netflix itself. Still haven't called Netflix customer service. Just haven't had time.
Good point. I guess I'll give their customer service a shot.
I'm getting Netflix's best feed, as far as I can tell. The image quality is still very poor. The only thing that looks okay are cartoons (because they are bright and don't have smooth color gradations). And as I mentioned, Prime looks great in comparison. Unfortunately I really hate the Prime interface, but I guess I can live with it.
I have a 40 degree field of vision in the front row of my home theater, which is pretty close to what I observe at the theater when I sit in my favorite location. While it is true that 24fps motion judder is readily apparent on film based content, it is also true that most experiences that I've had with HFR dramatic content have been overwhelmingly negative, despite the smoother movement.Of course, such content is relatively rare (we're basically talking soap operas and...
I invite you guys to my home for the most realistic movie ever. I'll act the whole thing out in front of you, every once in a while hurling things at your face for that "full immersion" effect. P.S. I kid because I care.
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