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I haven't posted in a long time but really like this starter advice, and want to chime in my own for new enthusiasts. I can not compliment Audyssey enough, and would highly recommend you go with a TX-NR3009, having heard a theater shop with the 9.1 (5.1+Height and Wides) I was completely floored, I have a 3007, it does Height or Wides and I wish I had the 3009 to do both. I can say if it were in your budget to go this route due to the wider and fuller...
Have an issue, my 3007 turns on, the final relay click doesn't happen, I go in setup the 8.Remote Setup, Network and Firmware are greyed out, no sounb but has video. I go to pure mode and the SW and R are lit. I unplug for 10min back in and it works like a charm. Anyone have or heard of this before? I called and I am waiting find out if my unit is servicible in my area before i send it and lose it for 2+ months. If its a bad board I will ebay the part and install it...
Being an old member here, I will say branding is important, if you stray to far from your original idea you can hurt yourself. Logo 1 is the most akin to your original and i like.
ROTJ Vader screams NOOOO when he tosses The Emporer WTF! I loved the silent I can't have this ish kill my son!?
Everything about this thread!
Audessey does not select x-overs. That is limited to a receivers parameters. If onkyo denon whoever does 40-150hz in 10hz increments then you get whatever is within the +/-3db. If it were up to Audessey (as it should be) the speakers would be x-over is 1hz increments per channel so each channel would be blended with the sub woofer perfectly. I think 4 sub channels would be ideal, blend the channels properly and tweak lfe to proper volume as well.
Onkyo PR-SC5508 (9.1, XT32, DSX, 3D) Emotiva UPA-7 (in case you go 7.1 add a UPA-2 for 9.1) JTR Single 8's (3, solid 80hz-20khz) JTR Slanted 8's (2-4, solid 80hz-20khz) Rythmik FV25 (14hz-80hz solid performer w/servo tech)
They used the thirds rule for this movie a lot. So that any version or format can be derived or cropped too...
Magazines hardly give bad ratings, most ofv them are as bad as consumer report. $4-5k I would look at a combination of Onkyo TX-NR3008 Paradim Monitor 11, cc390, and adp's surrounds dsp3400 Also check out hsu vtf-15 SVS MT Series and subs. You can get em used the Definitive BP7002 towers and CLR3000. Bobby
805 to 508 would be a huge step backwards, froma 55lb receiver to one 1/2 that? You lose Audyssey XT and THX Ultra 2 as well.
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