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Quote: Originally Posted by Magic9669 I have a denon 3311Cl. Would this work well? Yeah if you can do their update to the newest audyssey xt 32? Pretty sure the 3311 amp is sufficient.
Yeah absolutely. Not sure what receiver you have but something like the onkyo 805, 1007, 3007,5007, 3008, 5008 would make a huge compliment with their power and the Audessey XT
I told my friend when he gets a chance to get the CLR3000 to match up to the 7004s he has.I'd get the most robust center possible.He doesnt have room at his place atm to do a 5.1/7.1 setup but he has BP7004s, SM350s, and Onkyo TX-SR805. I hope he adds a CLR3000, BP2X's, and a dedicated LFE sub, most likely a SC I
My guess is new DSP board with updated HDMI controler to allow 3D. XT32 is pretty advanced I bet the new board needs faster SHARC's. What would be cool is if you could do 10.2 DSX, using a single surround back. but chances are this will be like 4311/A100 where you need a separate amp to power 2 additional channels.
Blackhawk Down, scene: Irene/take off X3 (Xmen United) scene: Magneto drops the bridge X3 (Xmen United) scene: Xavier vs Dark Phoenix Cloverfield, scene: assault in alley. The Dark Knight, scene: Jokers monolgue in jail/breakout steals police car. Monsters Inc, scene: Boo laughs for the first time. These are my suggestions.
I'd say do triple 8's and money save can be used toward 9.1 or 11.1 surround. Using DSX and XT32 your system would be superb!
Grab a used or refurbished tx-nr3008 it uses the xt32 more advanced and if you run 5.1 in the main room you can use the remaining 4 amps for a stereo pair in zone 2 and 3. Simplifying your setup. There is an iphone control app to made specifically for the onkyos.
I'd say the 4311 makes a better preamp than a receiver. The DVDO Edge is pretty advanced so I would run sources to it then to the 4311. You'll love XT32 its very advanced and really does a great job of making the audio feel more alive, when combined with DSX 11.1 you're gonna be immersed. I have demoed a 4311/Mythos 11.1 system watching Transformers and must say Star Wars on bd will be astounding in 11.1! I am pretty excited for it and some other big hits like LOTR EE...
As for the trinity its an amazing sub no less but brand new its about $3000 for that I could build myself an ungodly better sub. The 21in Maelstrom and a 2000w x 2 pro amp come to mind. Or even get 4x Rythmik dual 15 servo subs. Not that the supercubes are bad choices I just think there's better ones. Hey someone (counsil) needs to do a 11.1 system consisting of 8 BP7000sc's and 3 CLR3000s (center and height) along with a 4x21in maelstrom IB sub
In all honesty the new units sound pretty darn good, worth the new cost scheme, not sure. The thing that I wish is that I had gone with a pair of BP7004s instead of my BP10bs. I now want a pair of CLR3000s for the front L/R and make my BP10bs the side surrounds and the BP2xs the back speakers. Hope to this summer sometime, we'll see. Oh and I got PM100s for my height surrounds and love them they are perfect for the job!
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