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Mine has started a similar behavior the last month or so, making a deep pop or thump every so often. Today it shut off after the pop.
Looks like the new speeds are active! Just rebooted my modem and went from 35/6 to 55/11 on speedtest.comcast.net
I'm considering installing the Monoprice ceiling-recessed tab tensioned screen in our bonus room. The ceilings are already finished, however I am able to crawl into the attic area above the ceiling as needed. Is it possible to install this screen in the ceiling without having to rework any drywall? From the pictures, it appears you can simply cut out an appropriately sized rectangle and once mounted, the trim of the screen will hide the cutout. Is this correct? Thanks!
Hi guys. Sometime over the weekend, we've lost signal to WTVF on the UHF translator channel 50. Anyone else having this issue? Thanks.
Welcome to my world..I'm in Green hills, and I got a card in the mail the end of August saying the new speeds were here starting 8/27, listing the new 16, 22 and 50mb speed tiers. I was interested in the 22mb tier (its supposed to be 49.95 on special for six months). I called on 8/31 only to have a guy tell me after 30 mins of trying that the speeds weren't in the system yet so he couldn't upgrade me... Then I got an e-mail on 9/2 saying 'the new speeds are available in...
I had firmware 1004, after upgrading now I have 1007. The audio seems a little bit better, nothing earth shattering -- it seems that they reduced some of the lower frequencies a bit. Previously, I always turned off the SRS sound because voices were too muddled -- with the reduced lower frequencies it seems a little clearer now, although perhaps at the expense of a 'fuller' sound... Oh, and my 'Advanced Adaptive Luma' control is working again...not sure if its...
CNet has a review up on the 550xvt; includes some recommended settings: http://reviews.cnet.com/flat-panel-t...-33499519.html
Anyone had their Advanced Adaptive Luma control quit working? My picture doesn't change at all regardless of the setting --- Its effects were obvious when I first bought the TV. I've unplugged it, did a full reset on the setup menu to no avail.
Well I may eat my words -- I went back and checked the settings again. The setup menu on my Panny shows 24p mode 'on' when first viewing the menu however if I access the setting I can no longer select 'on' ... I previously had it 'on' while connected to my projector, so I'm guessing that was the default. It definitely outputs 1080p, but I now question whether its actually sending 24p. But regardless it looks really good! Btw, there's an interesting explanation of the...
When using MegaDCR - from my experience, the backlight level effectively governs how bright it will adapt to in lighter scenes - so turn it down if you don't like the full range of DCR I get 1080p/24 just fine from my panasonic bd55.
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