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http://www.panamax.com/products/floo...10-ht-pro.aspx May be overkill, but it should do what you are looking for. It can be found for less than $100.
The options are almost endless. A lot of it depends on what your requirements and expectations are. Do you want to maintain the best image/sound possible or do you want to use compression to save space? Will you want to watch the movies from multiple locations/computers or just one? Do you have any BR or HD movies? Are you at all concerned that if you loose one hard drive, you would loose all the files? Those are just a few of the many questions you need to ask...
I assume that when you say "TS" format, you mean VIDEO_TS folder structure... Check out Media Browser. I have moved from MyMovies to Media Browser, and there is no looking back. You can configure it to use an external player (such as MPC-HC) and us FFDSHOW to enhace the playback as your PC alows. Here is a like to the MediaBrowser forum. Tom
Have you edited the XML config file for HD and BR something like this? HDDVD "c:\\program files\\arcsoft\ otalmedia theatre\\uMCEDVDPlayer.exe" "{0}" BluRay "c:\\program files\\arcsoft\ otalmedia theatre\\uMCEDVDPlayer.exe" "{0}" I've been used MPC-HC for my standard def playback for some time, and it works great. I posted that solution in the MB forum here. Tom
2 sets of component wires is basically 6 coax cables. You can buy pre-made component cables, or run your own RG6 (solid copper core) coax for typically cheaper. Good quality connections (usually compression connections) are suggested (vs the typical crimp connectors). Here is an example of a good compression tool. Page down to the "related items" for the stripper and connectors. The coax of choice seems to be the Belden 1694A, however other options will work,...
I would suggest you wire for future options. The TV, receiver, etc you have today you may not have in a couple of years. That said, I would run at least 2 HDMI, 6 to 10 coax (3 each for component, one each for audio, and 1-2 for direct Sat/cable feed) and maybe even an S-Video. I would also run at least one cat 5 for possible network connectivity. If you are running the wires yourself, it's cheap to overbuild now. PiP depends on the TV you have. Some only support...
Or ethernet powerline adapters, such as this.
I would be careful running more than 4 speakers in parallel. 4 - 8 ohm speakers (2 per channel) would result in a 4 ohm load at the CAM, which SHOULD be OK. Any more than that would drop the load presented to the CAM below what may be a safe point. You could run the risk of damaging your CAM/amp. This is typically due to the amount of load the power supply in the amp is designed to handle. Tom
The CAM provides variable line out for zones 1 and 2. Use this to drive an external amp(s) for areas where you need more speakers. You can get away with driving 4 speakers per zone, but that is not really supported (I do this with my CAV in one zone). Here are some low-cost options for external amps: HTD MA-1235 Channel Vision CV-A1260 If you need/want to drive more power in a certain area, you can go with different options, such as the AudioSource AMP series. I...
Did you delete KWWL prior to the rescan? Or reset the sets and boxes to factory setting? Some (mine for example) would not pick up KWWL during a rescan until I manually deleted them. Just a thought.Tom
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