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Check out this thread in the Ultra High-End forum. Tom
What you are looking for is called a Frequency Agile Modulator. They let you select the channel out(s) for the A/V inputs. You can take the output from the modulator and combine it (with a coax splitter) with your antenna feed so all signals would be available to your TVs. Mono modulators are fairly inexpensive compared to stereo. I think I paid around $80 or so for a 2 channel modulator. Parts Express is one place to check them out. Tom
I agree, but to be safe, make sure your electrical outlet requirements (spacing) are up to code. Any point on a usable wall (a wall section longer than 2' or 3', depending on your local code) must be within 6' of an outlet. This does not include the area behind a fully opened door. So, depending on how long your wall is going to be, you may need to add 1 or 2 outlets. Tom
Check out these: I have both the BR1s and BR8s. Even the 8's may be a bit of an overkill... Tom
Check out some of the options on this page. Your local hardware store should have some of these in the fastener / wall hanging hardware section. Tom
Is your laptop having the issue when it's only running on battery? Ie, not plugged in.
Wrap the velvet around the back of the 1x4's and staple it. Do this for all 4 pieces, then assemble the pieces together to make the completed frame. If the main frame of the screen is also wood, you can use brad nails (with a nail gun) to attach the border to the frame. The nails will not show (or did not in my case). There are some threads either here or in the DIY forum that show pictures of this in detail. Tom
That is exactly what I did at my house. It doesn't really need to be heavy duty, just something that won't rip easily. Even large garbage bags ripped open and spread out. Tape (or some how fasten) one side of the plastic to the sheetrock or joists so the plastic won't get blown or moved when the insulation is going in. I just ran the wire to where I wanted the speakers, and placed the wrap over it. no hole needed for the wire. Make sure you carefully measure the...
Yes, all my sub zones are using both the CAV's amp and the external amp. The external amps I use have power sensing capabilities, so when the last input to the amp is shut down, the amp powers off. I am about to add my doorbell/paging system to this, so I imagine the amps will be on all the time. Not a biggie since they will be sitting idle most of the time.I don't use any A-Bus ports, and I use the variable outs from the CAVs to feed the amps. In the area where I...
Google TV Glasses. Here are a couple of hits: http://www.bigbentech.com/vuzix.htm http://www.i-vue.net/?gclid=CMGm5pCappACFR4qIgodvzwHpQ There are cheaper options out there. Tom
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