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I agree with Glimmerman. After some trepidation, I purchased a set of 8 bonded leather chairs from Roman several years ago. They are performing great and still look like new.
Thank you. I hope you enjoy it!CJ
Thank you for the pictures. The interiors are absolutely amazing.. and you're not finished! Why did you decide to go with a white interior in the media room? CJ
The difference is that CAT5 and the Crestnet data cables are twisted, which helps with interference. The Crestnet data cables are also shielded. That's why Crestron won't give tech support to installs that aren't done with Crestnet, many of the issues are finally traced to the wiring. Also, Crestnet is stranded, not solid, which makes it a lot easier to work with and much less prone to breaking. CJ
I don't think that's right. I'm fairly certain that there are no inputs in the power supply. Both ports are outputs wired in parallel.CJ
Looks like a great start. I really like the newer keypads from Crestron. However, I wonder why they didn't make the TPMC-4SMD flush-mountable? CJ
It's been a while, but I think the research that I had done pointed to being able to use inwalls in baffle walls. Do a search for Triad and Baffle Wall and you should be able to find some good information.CJ
They work well, though there is a little bit of light spill around the edges during the day. This could have been fixed with a little better measuring on my part.There are two choices that may work for you. The first is using inwall speakers with a baffle wall. This will require some research on your part in the design of the baffle wall.The second is easier, but may not sound quite as good. Triad makes some on-wall speakers that would be a perfect solution to...
Just updated thread with a few links. I'm slowly integrating the lighting into the touchpanel programming. CJ
I have been doing the Crestron programming on my sytem. I am certified, but enjoy doing it myself. It's great to have a good programmer on whom you can rely! Talk to your programmer, he can likely set up your system to remotely make changes. Once the programming is done, most minor changes are easily and quickly done. CJ
New Posts  All Forums: