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RTFM - http://store.vizio.com/documents/downloads/hdtv/M701dA3R/UM_M701dA3R.pdf
Even though I think it's all stored in flash, see advanced menu, backup/recovery. Also see the web service interface to create a backup on your PC.
I use an angled usb laptop cooler with a 220mm fan set on top of the receiver. Larger and slower equals quieter.Mine is from monoprice but the one I have isn't listed anymore.BTW, you'll need to turn off standby mode or the USB port is always on. Another thing I miss about my Denon
Yes but as I said, you will with all likelihood get a refurb UNLESS they don't have any refurbs (that vast majority was lucky ). I've gotten new from them before only because I was still in the 90 day window and a call to Costco got me a new set delivered through the warranty process so I didn't have to take it back to the store.
Read the Policy, it was n that envelope on your TV. It's still a good deal BUT all they are going to do is put you back to the manufacturer's warranty and ensure you are covered.
You are confusing the warranty with a return. After 90 days, you will not be able to get your cash back nor will they exchange it (VERY rare mitigating circumstances)
You can only return it for cash at Costco. If you call Visio, you'll more than likely get a refurb unless you're still in your 90 day return window AND you ASK for a new set AND you get someone in the right mood AND they do what they promise. Oh, the reason Costco and Sams now only allow 90 days, which is still generous, is because people abused the previous policy by returning perfectly good sets as a "free upgrade" path to the newest set released. Many even bragged...
So I'm pretty sure (ok real sure) the answer to this is YES, ..... BUT Is the AirPlay interface limited to audio replay only? Would love to use THX checkup on the iPhone via AirPlay!!!!!
What you're describing is probably a planned hysteresis so the dimming isn't constantly changing due to short or intermittent changes to room lighting. It also makes sense that the entire plastic light cap allows light to the sensor, regardless which axis is used for pointing the sensor. As mentioned, it's purpose is to be a diffuser!!!!Nice writeup.
Actually, the cloudy plastic is a good thing for the Ambient Light sensor. Back in the day when we carried a separate light meter for photography, many had such a lens for taking average room light readings versus spot metering without.I've been told the light sensor reads on the horizontal plane (90 degrees to the viewing surface) through the power indicator.
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