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need some custom cabinetry!
wonder what the cost of a veneered set would be. I'm almost afraid to ask. but a pair of these would work awesome for the 2ch guys. i figured maybe i can cut some more holes in my wall to set these back a bit hah. supercharger for my car, or noesis 215rts. Tough choice!
so tax refund checks come soon, question is where in the world would i try to put 3 215rts!
bad cable probably shorted on itself
i'll take some pictures later when i crack it open again, i am getting ready to drill 2 e-z lok anchors into the top of the slanted 8s for ceiling mounting, thats why i had to open them up to make sure i was not drilling into the crossovers. It looks like the mid was custom designed to hold the compression driver possibly.
not sure if its been mentioned anywhere before cracked opened one of my slanted8 hts and they are using 4550 drivers
a few weeks have passed, i have these back in my hands now, they are probably ~95% now, the veneer is not as perfect as it could be if it were done the first time around, but i am a very happy customer. Turn around on this was much quicker then i expected. Jeff charged me half the refinishing costs, and we each paid for shipping one way. Jeff was also kind enough to pass on his fedex discounts so that i could ship to him with his labels. Thank you Jeff for the awesome...
can't wait for you to start taking cnc requests!
for sure, Jeff said to send the grille back for warranty replacement. good luck to myself finding a box for this grill!Noticed some bumps veneered s2's as well.
my soon to be 2 year old daughter runs around jabbing everything with her fingers.. i need some custom cabinets to replace my racks too, she took one of my vacuum tubes out of my modwright oppo player.
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