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Great advice. I think I need to audition a few with different technologies to see what's happened in the past 8 years. I'll be able to decide what I like.
Hi, I use to frequent this site a ton a long time ago. The people here were tremendous in providing advice when I was building my theater and in selecting components. I use to advise people myself I've had my same setup now for 8+ years and it's about time I upgrade my projector. I have a Sharp XV10000 which when I bought new was pretty state of the art. I project from about 18' onto a 104" Brilliant White Carada screen. The seating distance from the front row is...
I have a 720p FP with just DVI or component that I'd like to keep for a while. What would be the best Blu Ray that will do a decent job of upconverting SD without HDMI?
I am on the 4th bulb in my Sharp XV-Z10000. The first one popped after about 1,300 hours. The second lasted a mere 800 hours before the explosion occurred. I replaced the last one at about 600 hours when I thought it was getting dim, but it still works well enough. That's over $1,300 ib bulbs alone so far. I probably won't buy anymore and will just replace the PJ when I run out.
I didn't use to be such a dipsh*t when it came to this stuff, but I guess some things have passed me by over the last four years. I have a 720P projector with only DVI and component inputs. I bought a HDMI --> DVI cable which delivers a picture to my projector and looks fine with Bluray discs. However, SD DVD's will not display widescreen and look like crap. I have to be doing something terribly wrong, but I don't know what. Help?
I've read conflicting information on this topic. I have a 25' DVI to DVI cable currently and am going to try a 6' HDMI to DVI cable as a last ditch effort before I give up and accept component while I own this PJ.
I had this problem. I have a Sharp 10K FPJ that is DVI or component. I spoke to Sharp and they said the HDMI copy protection wasn't settled when this PJ was sold, and therefore HDMI signals are not supported. No adapter would help. He said my only choice was component.
I just bought a Bluray player and connected a HDMI to DVI adapter since this PJ is DVI only. No luck. It is because the Sharp 10K does not support the HDMI copy protection built in to the player. Component video is the only option. This according to Sharp whom I just got off the phone with. I didn't think when I bought the projector it would partially obsolete four years later.
Thank you. The rest of the theater is treated with staggered stud walls and insulation between the drywall sheets. Green glue was only beginning to be discussed when I did the construction, so there's none of that. I'll look into the costs and benefits of your suggestions.
I built my HT four or five years ago using ideas and many methods founds here. I have treated walls with rigid insulation and transparent accoustical fabric, a dropped crown molding tray, and other things. The one thing I didn't change in the room was the existing drywall ceiling. My copper plumbing has been plagued by pinhole leaks and I am forced to replumb the house, including my HT, which means the existing ceiling will get ripped out. I have two questions. ...
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