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Quick question. I know this player only does 2.0 via Netflix, but how about via Amazon? Can you get 5.1 for Amazon Instant?
I'm curious how to resolved it as well as I'm having the same issue. Netflix with DD+5.1 video plays about 1fps and I get no audio. I've set the output in the control panel to 5.1 and my receiver indicates "Multichannel" until I fire up a Netflix DD+5.1 video, when it drops the "Multichannel" indicator and I get no sound.
I guess it could be on their end. I get rock solid internet from a commercial grade provider. Netflix on the Sony works perfect.I looked online at the prime instant selection and it doesn't appear I'm missing much.
I've got a S370 that had M03.R.623. I tried using the Amazon Instant Video, but it would error out with a network error every time. Other online services worked just fine. So, I updated to the latest M03.R.794. After the update, it seems to work just the same. I was able to get it to the first page, but clicking on any of the categories had the network error pop up. I then tired unlinking it from my account. After that, the app seemed to be working fine. I was able...
Without derailing the thread, unless that links to a different auction, the component cables were most certainly listed and described in the listing. There is even a separate picture of just the component cable.
If you're using a harmony and activities, make sure all your devices have HDMI CEC disabled. I think samsung calls it Anynet, Sony is bravia link, etc. HDMI-CEC automatically changes inputs and power on/off devices, which you don't want if you're using a harmony.
It's not that hard. Just throw together another AMD APU based console. Then all 3 platforms and PC will be x86 based. Ports should be easier, unlike years ago when each console had a completely custom architecture. Even if it was half as powerful, if it had the same games just slightly less in the graphics dept, I'd take that since I'd get my Nintendo games as well. Right now, I have a Wii U and a PC (for all the FPS games). The only game(s) that would drive me (no...
Dayum....http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_sacat=0&_from=R40&_nkw=Gamecube+Component+Cables&LH_Complete=1&LH_Sold=1&rt=nc.... but I still use mine. Decisions....The guy who bought a gamecube along with his Nintendo brand component cable got a...
http://www.amazon.com/Composite-Nintendo-64-N64-Gamecube-Super/dp/B002GC68P6/ That one even has s-video and it's $7
How the hell did you remember what your password was for 7 years Anyways, a quick look at it, it looks like the 667 has multichannel in/out that the 673 doesn't have. The 673 has 4k, dlna, internet stuff, etc.
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