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I read they may try a relaunch down the road. Who knows, sounds like it's over to me.
The old timeers use this forum as their social media
But we kinda saw the back story over the past two season here and thereIt felt like a recap until the last 10 minutes and then WOWand they almost showed us what I knew was cummingUncle and niece taboo love
In case you missed it in the HOTP thread, show has been pulled after two episodes http://www.tvguide.com/news/those-who-kill-pulled-1079268.aspx
Yea CopsRUs are annoying But they do represent stereotypical cops
Thats technically not a spoiler but it is douchey posting about previews His arrest is likely just a ruse so they can arrest his CI
Like American Horror Story I wish more shows were like this I hate when they drag out the story line over many unneeded seasons
@John Mason Ep 4 HD on Cablevision on demand does the exact same thing They must have same source
Yes, Rust tells Cohle it was the Fontenot girl. The same girl they were questioning the Sheriff about.
Scar face is not the big reveal, it's who's else is involved that will be
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