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Ripped from HOTP: TV Notes Benched A&E Drama Series ‘Those Who Kill’ To Air On Sibling LMN By Nellie Andreeva, Deadline.com - Mar. 25, 2014 Good news and bad news for fans of A&E‘s new drama series Those Who Kill, which was pulled two weeks ago after two low-rated airings. The good news: The series is coming back on the air staring this coming Sunday. The bad news: It will air on A&E sibling LMN TV (aka Lifetime Movie Network), not exactly a vote of confidence to the...
I really hope Frank dies, his character is played out!
Last year was much better, for me this year is at times unwatchable. This is a filler show for me at this point No rush to watch and sometimes I don't for days
When I see or hear her on tv I change the channel or leave the room Unfunny and unpleasant to look at
Celo was hard to take since he has no talent at all. Xtina was very annoying and was muted in our house Usher is ok save for him mentioning that a hole Justin Bieber evey other show But at least with Shakira you can tell she is intelligent even through her accent As for the show being fixed well that would be no shock to me
I read they may try a relaunch down the road. Who knows, sounds like it's over to me.
The old timeers use this forum as their social media
But we kinda saw the back story over the past two season here and thereIt felt like a recap until the last 10 minutes and then WOWand they almost showed us what I knew was cummingUncle and niece taboo love
In case you missed it in the HOTP thread, show has been pulled after two episodes http://www.tvguide.com/news/those-who-kill-pulled-1079268.aspx
Yea CopsRUs are annoying But they do represent stereotypical cops
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