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Just saw a commercial on FOX Instructs anyone that watches tv with an antenna to rescan on Memorial Day to get Movies on 5.2
I also love the new guideRecorded and watched many shows alreadyStill love it, sorry
I activated dvr plus yesterday, love it so far.Call number and see if it is available.I'm on Oakland system NJ
^^^^ Have you heard something or are you just throwing it out there?
Don't see how they can carry over this plot to a season 2 If so, it will have a few less viewers from my family!
Pulling ep 4 is pretty lame NBC claims no continuity issues yet last night I felt like I missed something in regards to Bella's affair/cancer?
@YoungC - Her partner asked did you turn that case into IA and she said, yea and don't think I forgot all that stuff you said earlier
Dont remember them wrapping up the Alien connection?
total rubbish how many times can she escape death hope the show remains dead
correct, no sub channels
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